What is “Buteyko Breathing” or the “Buteyko Method”?

It is a program of breath retraining and some life-style changes which normalize your breathing. It is based completely on science and following the program gets you back to breathing the way that nature intended.

Wait! I breathe without thinking about it – isn’t that the way nature intended?

Well, probably not. Have you ever watched a baby breathe? They are obligatory nose breathers and they use their diaphragms, not their chest muscles. When you were born, you breathed that way too. As life and its stresses – illness, school, jobs, relationships – happened, your breathing has changed. Stress produces adrenaline. Adrenaline increases breathing. Long term stress means long-term increased breathing.

Short term stress is normal. Your body, however, was not built for long term high stress levels, especially accompanied by low activity levels. Increased breathing becomes chronic, and is usually unseen by you and others.

See the physiological response to sudden danger here : Fight Or Flight

See the physiological response to long term stress here: Hidden Hyperventilation

Dr. Buteyko identified the “Disease of Deep Breathing and considered it to be the root cause of many health conditions. In modern medicine chronic hidden hyperventilation is not recognized and people suffering from it are medicated for symptoms which could actually be addressed by simply normalizing breathing.

What is normalizing your breathing and why is it important?

The way you breathe affects your body almost instantaneously (see the physiological responses above)

Have you ever blown up a bag of balloons? How did you feel?
How about meditate? How did that feel?
Suddenly felt danger?
Held a baby?

The Buteyko Method:

  • teaches you to recognize when you are hyperventilating
  • helps you to find your “triggers”
  • teaches you how to counteract the effects of those triggers
  • resets your breathing center to breathe the appropriate amount of air for what you are doing