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Saddle seats, while expensive, offer something no other chair can.

  • Saddle-sitting soothes back, neck, hip, and arm pain.
    The strongly declining position of the upper legs rotates the pelvis forward and curves the lower back into an anatomically correct position of lordosis. This in turn straightens the upper back, leading to a generally improved back posture and reduced tension in the upper back, shoulder girdle, and neck muscles.
  • Saddle-sitting strengthens the back and improves your posture.
    This new sitting stance stimulates and strengthens the back, abdominal, and buttock muscles. Your posture will gradually correct itself as your muscles respond to the new posture.
  • Saddle-sitting improves leg circulation and reduces foot swelling.
    There is no edge to press against your upper leg, and your buttocks and leg muscles are free of contact pressure. The veins and arteries that carry blood to and from your legs are in their most open position. With the angles between upper and lower legs being much wider than usual and the active use of your legs accelerating your metabolism, your legs will really feel much better.
  • Saddle-sitting improves balance.
    The spread of the legs, called hip abduction, stabilizes the pelvis in an upright orientation, so you can relax. And your wide foot stance keeps you balanced when you move about. Balance is so dramatically improved, that many people with neurological impairments who topple out of conventional chairs, sit independently in a saddle seat.

I bought my Salli Saddle seat about 8 years ago (2008). I have to admit I gritted my teeth at the cost.  However, I used to buy a chair every couple of years, trying to find something I could sit in comfortably to work. I used seat cushions, back cushions, you name it. While each thing seemed to help a little, nothing, and I do mean nothing made the difference my saddle seat made. I love this chair and it looks almost as good as the day I bought it. In the end I have saved money and avoided the aching lower back, neck and shoulders I used to experience on a daily basis.
If you are a professional who has to sit for long periods, I couldn’t recommend a saddle seat more highly.

Below I have listed the saddle seats Correct Breathing sells, with links. While I love my Salli, other people love their Bambach just as much. And recently Kanewell has come out with a less expensive model (which doesn’t have the warranty the Salli and Bambach do, but could very well serve your purpose).

To view all the saddle seats click here

Bambach Saddle Seat

Bambach is made in Australia and sits very much like an Australian saddle. (I ought to know, I grew up riding on Australian saddles).

You can view Correct Breathing Bambach Saddle seats here

Salli Saddle Seat

Salli Saddle seats are made in Finland. They come in a variety of styles.

You can view Correct Breathing Salli Saddle seats here

Kanewell Saddle Seat

Kanewell saddie seats are made in Taiwan and a value priced alternative to Salli and Bambach.

The warranty is less as are the options and flexibility.

You can view Correct Breathing Kanewell saddle seats here

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